Pastor Cali has written a bracing book. He is clear, decisive, focused and forceful in his argument that Christians should take our marching orders from the written Word of God rather than the secular culture when we think about and respond to the abortion holocaust that plagues America.

Tom Ascol Pastor of Grace Baptist Church President of Founders Ministries

Cali has given the true Church a valuable weapon in her arsenal. Well researched both historically and Biblically, Cali proves that the secular pro-life industry is both self defeating and compromised. Jesus Christ and His gospel is highly exalted here. You must have this book.

Rev. Jon Speed Pastor, Christ is King Baptist Church Co-Producer, Babies Are Murdered Here

Pastor Cali separates the wheat from the chaff. He exposes the sin of God’s people as we have shown partiality when it comes to God’s demand for justice for the preborn. I highly recommend this book.

Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas National Director, Operation Save America.

Written with sound reason and the heart of a pastor, this work will help many see that God’s Word truly does speak to all matters of life, and will lay a foundation in the lives of men to see the spilt innocent blood of our preborn neighbors ended in our nation.

Matt Trewhella pastor of Mercy Seat Christian Church director Missionaries to the Preborn.

With the surgical precision of a writer’s scalpel, Cali relentlessly cuts away at the irrational inconsistency of many secular pro-life arguments, arguments which often end up doing more harm than good, because of their logical duplicity for the sake of political victories and long term strategies.

Doug Van Dorn Pastor Reformed Baptist Church of Northern Colorado

Giving away copies of Doctrine of Balaam with Rescue Those

I am partnering with the nonprofit to help educate Christians in understanding the difference between prolife doctrine and abolition doctrine. We have an opportunity to go to state conventions and other conferences and engage in conversation and hand out literature. Our goal is to give away 1000s of copies of Doctrine of Balaam. I am able to provide this resource at cost of printing which comes to $4.00 a copy. Help us put this in the hands of christians that are ripe for learning. Donations can be made at Sermon In The Park.